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Turtles Are CGI In 2014! Is Shredder Too?

Hey everyone they just released the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 trailer. I have to say, I’m impressed. The CGI looks good The turtles themselves look well designed. Lets take a peak at what we’ll be seeing in the theaters.

A CGI Paul Walker For Fast And Furious 7?

News reports are going out that due to the tragic death of Paul Walker, the character will now be a combination of CGI special effects that seem similar to what they did in Tron Legacy with Jeff Bridges.

Transformers Age Of Extinction: Computer Generated Robots Are Back!

Wow, the new Transformers movie just released a new trailer and let me say it looks way better than the last 2 Transformers movies.  I liked part 1, hated part 2 and was just bored by the time part 3 came out that I never really finished watching it.  Anyways as always with these movies, the robots(transformers) look absolutely amazing in it.  It looks like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee are returning, so lets take a look.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Full Of Effects And Animation

What’s up my fellow readers?  Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is coming out soon.  Granted I don’t know too much about the comic that it is based off of, but it sure looks like a bizarre choice to make a movie off of. It has a pretty interesting cast. A few of them are no stranger to animated films or effects created characters.


A lot of you may remember when we looked at the CGI Caesar in the first movie.  I thought at the time it was some of the best special effects for a photo real cgi character.  I am happy to say the team of special effects artists have out done themselves for the sequel.  While I haven’t seen much of the new Caesar, the little bit I have shows that they are upping the stakes with Dawn.