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Furious 7 CGI Brian O’Connor?

I’ve been intrigued about this for awhile.  Furious 7 has opened this weekend and it features one of Paul Walker’s last performances.  His character even features scenes that were done posthumously via special effects.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I can only look at a few trailers.  I believe I have found at least one of the CGI Paul Walker effects that we were promised awhile ago.  The first one is of him staring directly at the camera, breaking the fourth wall, which is rare for an actor to do in movies.  I have to admit I can’t tell for certain weather this is CGI or not, but something seems off.  It could be the fact that he holds the expression and stare for what seems like much longer than what would normally appear in a movie.  It almost feels like the shot was handpicked as a tribute to him.

Paul Walker Computer Generated

Is this one of the CGI Paul Walker shots featured in Furious 7?

The next shot is of all the characters walking down a flight of steps, again it is incredibly hard to tell, but the face looks pasted on. It may be just the angle though, as he is looking off to the side and the camera is positioned below.

CGI Brian O'Connor

This shot look may be just from a weird angle, but the head/face looks pasted on via compositing.

All in all I have to say, if these are computer generated shots, they are extremely well done. Its possible I am wrong, but these shots are the only ones that I could pick out as possibly being effects from among the many others. If the other shots of him are CGI, then I am doubly impressed with WETA Digital.

Arnold Youth Effects T5: Another Look

UPDATE: 6/9/2015: What looks to be the finalized CGI Terminator Effects are impressive

UPDATE 4/13/15: Check out our Closer Look at the Young Arnold Terminator CGI.

How good are the effects going to be in Terminator Genisys?  Damn good I would say.  From what I’ve seen from the trailer, this will have the most convincing CGI human being in a movie yet.  Why is that?  Well, because they pulled off the impossible.  They created a convincing human being that doesn’t exist in the present time.   The internet is arguing weather or not the Arnold Schwarzenegger featured in the trailer is just footage used from the first terminator movie placed over a different background.  IT IS NOT.  It is the CGI Arnold.  I can tell and you will be able to after reading this.  Ok, take a look at this comparison shot from T1 with the T5 Genisys trailer.  Clicking on the picture will bring it up full size:

Real vs CGI Can You Tell

How can you tell the difference between the real Schwarzenegger vs the CGI one?

How can I tell the difference? The first thing different about the two pictures, is Arnold’s hair. There is a slight change in either the shadowing or the actual hair itself, but it’s noticeable. Take a look side by side for comparison:

Comparing Terminators

Real Arnold and Fake Arnold

Lastly and this is easily missed, but it is the biggest indicator that the Arnold on the right is all CGI. The shadowing on his bicep is different. The shape looks the same because the probably used molds to create the CGI terminator from Arnold in 1984, but the lighting on them is different. That shows this is not the same footage, which means it is new and since Arnold is no longer young this has to be the CGI and not a composite.

cgi arnold vs real arnold

The Lighting on the arms indicate CGI trickery.

All in all, I am impressed. While I thought the trailer was a little lacking in the Terminator feel of the first two movies. I miss the electronic score as well as the artistic cinematography. I think the new footage looks way too overlit and movie-production-ish. I hope we see a bunch of the CGI Arnold and its not just a throw away moment like it was in Terminator Salvation(which also had an inferior CGI version of Arnold).

Turtles Are CGI In 2014! Is Shredder Too?

Hey everyone they just released the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 trailer. I have to say, I’m impressed. The CGI looks good The turtles themselves look well designed. Lets take a peak at what we’ll be seeing in the theaters.

A CGI Paul Walker For Fast And Furious 7?


UPDATE April 4th, 2015: 

I believe I found some CGI FX shots of Paul Walker in Furious 7.


News reports are going out that due to the tragic death of Paul Walker, the character will now be a combination of CGI special effects that seem similar to what they did in Tron Legacy with Jeff Bridges.

Transformers Age Of Extinction: Computer Generated Robots Are Back!

Wow, the new Transformers movie just released a new trailer and let me say it looks way better than the last 2 Transformers movies.  I liked part 1, hated part 2 and was just bored by the time part 3 came out that I never really finished watching it.  Anyways as always with these movies, the robots(transformers) look absolutely amazing in it.  It looks like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee are returning, so lets take a look.