Captain America: Chris Evans Is Skinny And Scrawny Thanks To CGI

Captain America has just released a new tv spot on the super bowl.  I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the CGI.  I’m going to break down how I think it was done.  I say this alot with effects that change a character’s physical appearance, but I believe they are using something similar to Benjamin Button special effects techniques.  Obviously, they cast a really scrawny actor for the role of the body and matched Chris Evans head on it.  They did this in Benjamin Button, except they replaced the stand in’s head with  a cgi head.  Here, I believe the effects company used an actual blue screened Chris Evans head.  I’ll go through my theories on this and why in a minute.  This technique is nothing new, they do it to replace stunt mens heads all the time.  The difference there is that stunt men are matched to the actor as much as possible in height, weight and look.  In Captain America, Chris Evans is trying to be made to look scrawny for his before super hero look.

skinny chris evans

This is a good shot of Chris Evans before he's Captain America

It almost looks like they are warping his face slightly to match the other actor’s head or body.  What I can’t tell if that is all of Chris Evans head and it is warped, or if it is just face on another actor’s head.  If you want to go really out of the way, the head could be entirely CGI except for the facial area.  That way it would be easier to match move his actual face to it.  Again, I don’t know the actual techniques that were used, but I’m using my best 3d guessing game here.  Here’s a few more shots from the trailer.


His head looks slightly warped in this shot to appear more thin and skinny

They actually did a spectacular job with these effects and this is just the TV Spot.


Here is an example where I think the face looks really warped and may not be matched correctly.


I Have No Idea How they did this effects shot in the Captain America TV Spot.

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last.  The absolutely best screenshot of a scrawny, skinny, Chris Evans in the Captain America movie.  Him crawling under the barbed wire is pretty amazing.  Everything about it is very convincing and Evans sells the shot pretty good too.  Can’t wait for Captain America: The First Avenger to come out.

10 Responses to Captain America: Chris Evans Is Skinny And Scrawny Thanks To CGI

  1. Jeff says:

    Actually, Chris Evans and director Joe Johnston have talked about the CGI that was used for this. There was no other actor. Evans insisted that it be HIS performance for the whole thing. They used “body shrinking,” so even as the 98 pound weakling, it’s still Chris Evans’ body and head. Pretty cool!

  2. admin says:

    That’s very interesting. So If that is true, I’m guessing they used some kind of 2d warping/compositing process(with 3d tracking) and blurred out the muscle lines like they blurred out age lines in Benjamin Button.

  3. Philmophile says:

    You can see in the car scene where he’s riding with the girl, she’s not looking at where his face is, which tells me when they shot her part, Chris (real size) was there, then they replaced him with the shrunken version so she’s looking in the wrong place…

  4. JunePhilippines says:

    based on Wikipedia, the body of skinny Chris Evans is still by Chris. they CGI the body to make it tinner, and never use body double because Chris movement is unique. they never attached the head of chris to someone in this movie.

    i just watch it yesterday and its so neat.

  5. imnohero says:

    Yes, the car ride scene with Peggy Carter was the only time something looked a bit off to me. Film and effects were amazing overall.

  6. admin says:

    Since I’ve written about this awhile ago, they have actually stated how this was done. I’ve read that for most of the movie it’s Chris Evans shrunk down via Benjamin Button/X-men Last Stand De-Aging process, except done on the muscles to make him appear thin, but they also used a body double and head replacement in one scene, the one where he goes into the chamber and transforms. So I was right about the one scene, I knew there was something really off about it.

  7. Zoraida Vazquez says:

    Well then who is the guy mentioned in the credits who is Steven Harvey when young ( Leander Deeny) as Steve Rogers double/ Barman?

  8. Anna says:

    actually, no, Chris Evans insisted that his performance be entirely his, so throughout all of his skinny scenes, it’s always his face, head, and body. They used some kinda of body shrinking technique. but good theories, that’s what i had thought until i watched an interview w/ him.

  9. admin says:

    It has since been stated that most of the performance was his, except for the scene that had him strapped down going into the chamber. That is supposedly when they used the double and match moved his head on to it. The rest of the movie used the body shrinking technique.

  10. samir says:

    not even the transformation scene uses a body double, it was chris, they showed that scene’s making on mtv : at the movies

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