• Jeff

    Actually, Chris Evans and director Joe Johnston have talked about the CGI that was used for this. There was no other actor. Evans insisted that it be HIS performance for the whole thing. They used “body shrinking,” so even as the 98 pound weakling, it’s still Chris Evans’ body and head. Pretty cool!

  • admin

    That’s very interesting. So If that is true, I’m guessing they used some kind of 2d warping/compositing process(with 3d tracking) and blurred out the muscle lines like they blurred out age lines in Benjamin Button.

  • Philmophile

    You can see in the car scene where he’s riding with the girl, she’s not looking at where his face is, which tells me when they shot her part, Chris (real size) was there, then they replaced him with the shrunken version so she’s looking in the wrong place…

  • JunePhilippines

    based on Wikipedia, the body of skinny Chris Evans is still by Chris. they CGI the body to make it tinner, and never use body double because Chris movement is unique. they never attached the head of chris to someone in this movie.

    i just watch it yesterday and its so neat.

  • imnohero

    Yes, the car ride scene with Peggy Carter was the only time something looked a bit off to me. Film and effects were amazing overall.

  • admin

    Since I’ve written about this awhile ago, they have actually stated how this was done. I’ve read that for most of the movie it’s Chris Evans shrunk down via Benjamin Button/X-men Last Stand De-Aging process, except done on the muscles to make him appear thin, but they also used a body double and head replacement in one scene, the one where he goes into the chamber and transforms. So I was right about the one scene, I knew there was something really off about it.

  • Zoraida Vazquez

    Well then who is the guy mentioned in the credits who is Steven Harvey when young ( Leander Deeny) as Steve Rogers double/ Barman?

  • Anna

    actually, no, Chris Evans insisted that his performance be entirely his, so throughout all of his skinny scenes, it’s always his face, head, and body. They used some kinda of body shrinking technique. but good theories, that’s what i had thought until i watched an interview w/ him.

  • admin

    It has since been stated that most of the performance was his, except for the scene that had him strapped down going into the chamber. That is supposedly when they used the double and match moved his head on to it. The rest of the movie used the body shrinking technique.

  • samir

    not even the transformation scene uses a body double, it was chris, they showed that scene’s making on mtv : at the movies