3d Computer Animation For Beginners

I am going to start posting some 3d tutorials soon.  My goal is teach all the beginners out there who are experimenting with 3d animation some techniques that will save them time.  If all goes well, you can use the tutorials for anything from 3d cartoon animation and modeling to realistic renderings.  If you are starting out you most likely do not have your own animation studio.  Don’t worry, I am far from having one of my own as well.  Everything I will be doing is on a 3ghz pc that is around 2 years old.  So, I don’t have luxury of the workstations that are found at ILM or Weta.  Yes, it would be helpful if I did, but I don’t, so I’ll have to make do.  If you were like me when I first started off, then many of you want to be a 3d animator.  Weather you are fan of Pixar animation or the more realistic photo renderings that are found in movies, you will find that a lot of principles are the same when it comes to working in 3 dimensions.  Everything needs to be modelled in a computer animation program.  Everything needs to be rigged.  Everything needs to be textured.  Every 3d scene you have needs to be lit.  Lastly, everything needs to be animated.  I’ve posted my thoughts on weather or not you need to attend a 3d animation college.  I’m leaning more towards no, but it’s nice to have a piece of paper called a degree.

One thing I’ve found difficult is finding the right job for a 3d animator.  It can be difficult.  A stellar portfolio will get you one.  The problem is, not every animator has one.  If you don’t, you will just have to build towards it.  It will take a little bit of time and effort, but you will get there.  Some animators end up getting in the 3d medical field.  Those jobs can be pretty rewarding financially, but may be a bore to work on.  There are a whole slew of 3d careers to choose from, it can be a tough thing to go through.

Now, I wish to talk about the stuff I will be working on.  All the materials have arrived for me to recreate a realistic human head.  I will be assuming you know all the basics of your 3d animation software.  Weather it be 3dsmax, Maya, or Blender, you should know how to do a few things.  Those few things are modeling and texturing in the software.  I’ll be merely going over the techniques, but you should know your way around your programs to be able to follow along with the tutorials I will be putting.

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