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Arnold Youth Effects T5: Another Look

How good are the effects going to be in Terminator Genisys?  Damn good I would say.  From what I’ve seen from the trailer, this will have the most convincing CGI human being in a movie yet.  Why is that?  Well, because they pulled off the impossible.  They created a convincing human being that doesn’t exist in the present time.   The internet is arguing weather or not the Arnold Schwarzenegger featured in the trailer is just footage used from the first terminator movie placed over a different background.  IT IS NOT.  It is the CGI Arnold.  I can tell and you will be able to after reading this.  Ok, take a look at this comparison shot from T1 with the T5 Genisys trailer.  Clicking on the picture will bring it up full size:

Real vs CGI Can You Tell

How can you tell the difference between the real Schwarzenegger vs the CGI one?

How can I tell the difference? The first thing different about the two pictures, is Arnold’s hair. There is a slight change in either the shadowing or the actual hair itself, but it’s noticeable. Take a look side by side for comparison:

Comparing Terminators

Real Arnold and Fake Arnold

Lastly and this is easily missed, but it is the biggest indicator that the Arnold on the right is all CGI. The shadowing on his bicep is different. The shape looks the same because the probably used molds to create the CGI terminator from Arnold in 1984, but the lighting on them is different. That shows this is not the same footage, which means it is new and since Arnold is no longer young this has to be the CGI and not a composite.

cgi arnold vs real arnold

The Lighting on the arms indicate CGI trickery.

All in all, I am impressed. While I thought the trailer was a little lacking in the Terminator feel of the first two movies. I miss the electronic score as well as the artistic cinematography. I think the new footage looks way too overlit and movie-production-ish. I hope we see a bunch of the CGI Arnold and its not just a throw away moment like it was in Terminator Salvation(which also had an inferior CGI version of Arnold).

Young Arnold Terminator In Terminator: Genisys!


Updated 12/13/15: I just made post comparing the CGI Arnold with original footage from T1.

Last week the trailer for T5, aka Terminator 5, aka Terminator: Genesis, aka Terminator Genisys was released. Lets cut right to the chase. There is timeline jumping, alternate timelines and possibly future traveling like Back To The Future? That’s all well and good for the storyline. It may or may not upset terminator fans, but what most people want to know is how does the CGI Arnold look in this one? Well I’ve gotta tell ya, they fooled me on this one. I’ll explain below after you take a look at the computer generated Arnold that is supposed to be from the 1st Terminator movie.  This is NOT a shot of Arnold from the 1st movie!

Arnold Is A Young Terminator

Thanks to computer graphics Arnold appears 30 years younger

I thought that this was actually a composite of him from T1 on to a slightly new background for T5. It is in fact all new including Arnold’s terminator character. If you look at the scene on The Terminator dvd or BluRay, you will see Arnold’s hair is slightly different in the way it is styled. Its similar, but in the scene from T1 it looks a bit different. These effects are a huge step up from the CLU special effects in Tron Legacy.

Next up we have a new actor playing the T-1000. Not sure how I feel about that. He looks similar in build, but he’s definitely not Robert Patrick. Why make a young Arnold and not a young Robert Patrick? In my opinion he’s just as much an iconic Terminator as Arnold.

T-1000 Eye Shot

New Actor Playing T-1000

Here we have the Terminator(Arnold Schwarzenegger) smashing what looks to be John Connor through a wall. Is it really Connor or is it the new T-1000 morphed into a disguise?

Old Arnold Smashing Connor Through A Wall

Terminator Fights John Connor

Lastly We have the “I’ll be back” moment with Schwarzenegger’s Terminator sky diving through the rotor blades of a helicopter. What is interesting to note is that his hair is all white and in other shots of the trailer he appears to have it brown.

i'll be back terminator

I’ll be back right after I skydive into this helicopter real quick.

Jurassic World – June 12th Release Date – Dinos Are Back!

Welcome to Jurassic Park!  I mean… Welcome to Jurassic World!  Ok, so the logo is a little different, but I like it.  The original Jurassic Park came out in 1993.  This one will be released June 12th 2015.  The difference?  A ton more cgi.  Even the gate in the trailer looks cgi.  As does the entire Sea World type water show section of the park.  Do I like it?  Yes.  I wish they would’ve done something other than a tired Hybrid type of villain.  I mean, they did that with Terminator 3 another computer effects franchise, and look how that turned out.  I am actually curious as to what type of dinosaur genes are used in the hybrid.  I’m betting on a T-rex and Raptor hybrid dinosaur.

Jurassic World CGI Gate

Mono rail gate into Jurassic World Water Park

Here we see a water dinosaur in action. Its Kind of like a Sea World show I guess:

Water Dinosaur Eating Shark

The Water Dinosaur In Jurassic World

I can only speculate that this is either the hybrid dinosaur, or it is a T-rex. Hopefully if it is the T-rex, it will be featured more in Jurassic World than in Jurassic Park 3. If it is the hybrid dinosaur that is talked about in the trailer, I bet its a T-rex / velociraptor hybrid.

hybrid dinosaur

Is This the Hybrid Dinosaur’s Feet from Jurassic World?

Lastly we have Chris Pratt with his gang of Raptors while he’s riding a motorcycle. I’m guessing that these are trained raptors much like how they train and tame lions for the circus.

Raptors Jurassic World Tamed

Tamed Raptors in Jurassic World?

3D Animation CGI Is Testing A New Layout

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