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New Learning 3d Help Link Added

Hey guys, I’ve been working a lot lately, both doing 3d and just general work.  One of the most helpful 3d artist videos I came across was Michael Pavlovich.  I added a link to his youtube channel on the  3d help and learning page.  I suggest checking out his Zbrush stuff, you will learn a whole lot.  If I come across any useful videos or websites regarding 3D, I won’t hesitate to add them.  If you see something not on there, just let me know.

Added the 3d Help Link Resources Page to help 3d modelers/Animators.

For all those 3d animators/modelers, I urge you to check out the new 3d Help Link Resources page of our website.  I plan on updating it with whatever useful websites I can find.  Using 3d software is not an easy thing.  Learning it can be very time consuming.  I hope to amass a ton of websites that show animators how to utilize tips and tricks that will help them and speed them along the way in their projects.  Time is money in animation.  If you have a website that you run or know of that has helped you out, just send me an email or let me know in the comments section below.

Terminator: Genisys Review

Please note:  There may be spoilers in this review.


Terminator Genisys Review

CGI Arnold can’t save Terminator: Genisys

Just saw Terminator Genisys. If I had to sum it up in one word. Disappointing. I’ve talked about The best special effect of the movie quite a bit.  The first trailers looked bad, then the effects improved and things started to look promising.  The recent onslaught of featurettes that revealed a little bit more of the remake of old scenes(some new ones as well) looked very cool.  Don’t be fooled by it.  These pieces are probably the best things about the movie and look designed to make the movie look as though its atmosphere is different.  Some of these featurettes use different music than the movie score and they give the scenes a different tonality.  I don’t know what they were thinking.  More importantly the fact that James Cameron liked it is even more baffling.  The jokes fell flat.  The writing was pretty terrible.  Time travel was a mess and not only that they tried to explain the mess which made it messier.  They took elements from modern and far better time travel films(The movie Looper mainly).  The whole new memories appearing after altered time events was done better in Looper and far less confusing.  The whole movie looked like a special effect and not real.  Too much CGI is not a good thing.  Terminator 2 used it sparingly and that’s when it works.  Our eye wants to see things real not fake.  When CGI is done in a subtle way the effect can be mesmerizing.  When extreme care is put into it too make things look real it can be awesome as they did with parts of the young arnold scene.  When you have just a bunch crap flying around the screen it will look fake.  I Didn’t feel any danger or weight with helicopter scene.  They felt like spaceships or something.  Up next the acting…

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t have much to do, they wrote him bad unfunny lines.  That’s a problem when almost every single line from Arnold felt like it was written as joke.  The whole terminator raising a kid could have been cool and is interesting, but they played it with too many jokes.  Again the movie felt like a movie.  Terminator 2 felt like something from a movie entered the real world and then the characters had to deal with it in a real way.   I could feel the moments in the movie where a joke was supposed to happen(or I was expecting it to happen) and it happened in Genisys.  Everything felt predictable.  Emilia Clarke I guess did her best with what she had to work with.  Same with Jai Courtney, but they weren’t given much.  The best actor in the movie is Jason Clarke who played the evil John Connor/Terminator.  His character was actually the most interesting and in a better movie, the whole John Connor being bad could have been great and I wasn’t keen on the whole John Connor is a Terminator thing from the beginning either.  The problem is most of the movie is bad, but here and there you see glimpses of what could have been or used in a better movie.  Are these glimpses worth it?   Nope.  I’m a huge Terminator Fan, but T3 felt better than this.  Salvation not sure.  Salvation was kinda boring.  This is just kinda bad.  Which is worse? Genisys or Salvation?  I don’t know.  I didn’t stay for the post credits scene, I heard there was one.  I’m kinda bummed that their plan is to actually continue on from this story.  Skynet represented as hologram kid?  So they stole from Resident Evil, Looper and the other better Terminator films.

P.S. Oh and by the way Hollywood producers, stop PG-13ing R-rated franchises.  ITS STUPID to restrict your storytelling and sense of danger for the characters.


CGI Arnold Final Look: Amazing FX Work In Terminator Genisys! (James Cameron approves T5!)

Hey There everyone.  Ok, so the effects guys working on T5 did it.  They fixed most of the problems with the CGI arnold from the earlier trailers and it looks amazing.  Here’s the kicker…  James Cameron has offcially endorsed Terminator Genisys and views it as the 3rd film in the franchise.  Paramount UK recently showed some footage of some recreated T1 scenes where Arnold arrives naked in front of the trash truck and confronts the punks in 1984.  It is impressive to say the least.  I do have some gripes, but I will get to that at the bottom of the page.  For now, here is the awesomeness.

CGI recreates Schwarzenegger

Arnold is young once more!

They really nailed the eyes and lip movement. The scene reminds of me of back the future 2 where we see old scenes recreated and then something changes slightly.

Computer Generated Arnold looks at punks

Its all in the eyes with CGI

Here’s another shot that’s wider showcasing some more subtle expressions on the 3d model of Arnold.

CGI Arnold ready to Fight Old Arnold

CGI Arnold Stares Down Old Arnold

The one complaint I have is that when he turns his head to the side in profile view the fx begin to unravel. It looks like a cgi character and starts to cease looking like Arnold in my opinion.

Arnold CG head Side

Young Arnold facial FX from the side

I don’t know why it is. It could be the lighting and the way the model interprets it or it could be the way the head was modeled or tweaked in the side view in which case they would just need to more closely match arnolds profile view from another movie.

Overall, consider me impressed and eager to see the film. I was a huge T1 and T2 fan and was waiting for a movie like this. T3 kinda held me over, but there were things I hated about it. T4 was forgettable. T5 looks to be fun and filled with great groundbreaking effects work which is what it should be. That and the fact that James Cameron was excited about it is probably the thing that excites me the most.

Just for the coolness of it, here’s a shot of a battle damaged Old Arnold Terminator with gray hair.

Old Battle Damaged Terminator

Old Battle Damaged Terminator

Terminator Genisys FX In Trailer Not Final?

Update: 6/9/2015  The effects have turned out better than I expected.


Last post was about how the Arnold cgi slipped into the uncanny valley.  Don’t worry too much about it.  Just came across some interesting Terminator Genisys news.  Following this link will take you to the TheTerminatorFans website, where they have an exclusive about the state of the special effects featured in that new trailer.  It appears they have come across more recent renderings(screenshots are on their website) and they do look worlds better.  There’s hope after all.